What is the difference between Hanging Weight vs Finished Product?
On average, the hanging weight carcass cooled off is 600-800lbs with the finished product roughly 60-65% of the original hanging weight, depending on how you instruct the butcher to cut you selection.

What are the processing fees for purchasing from you?
Processing fees are an additional fee, with an average cost of $0.65-$0.90 per pound but this price varies per processor. We will always select the fastest processor and that will determine the final price. We will deliver beef to local processors in our area at no additional charge!

Are there any delivery fees?
We deliver free within 150 miles of New Boston, MO 63557 with a minimum order. Outside of that range, there is a fee for delivery.

Are there any additional fees?
If you order a quarter, half, or whole cow, there is a 50% deposit required once an appointment is made with the processor for your order.

How are the cows processed?
Once you have started an order with us, and if you do not have a preferred processor, we will reach out to our preferred partners and see which processor is available for your order fastest. Once the processing appointment is made, and you have made the down-payment of 50% required, we will give you the contact information for them and you can go through giving them the information of what cuts you would like prepared from the processor.

Do you offer bulk purchase deals?
We will often have quarters and halves in stock that are ready to go. If you want a more custom experience, then ordering beef to your specific cut is also an option with an average of 6-8 week turnaround time.

Do you offer any additional products not listed on your website?
We typically do not offer any additional cuts than what we have listed already. However, if you order a part (or whole) of a cow, you can select exactly what cuts you prefer when it is time to contact the processor.

Are all your products USDA-certified?
Anything we package ourselves is USDA-certified. If you order a portion, or whole cow, then you would need to have it processed at a facility that is USDA-certified for it to be certified as such.